sano banano restaurantOur name, Sano Banano translates to “The Healthy Banana” as our intention has been since the opening of our establishment in 1989, to offer you a fun environment with healthy food. Sano Banano was the first restaurant in Montezuma and has been a staple and fixture in this town for many years.

It was built by the couple, Lenny and Patricia Iacono whose immense love of nature brought them to the small fishing village. They lived simply and worked hard collecting fruits and coconuts from the land and drying fruit leather in the sun as their main source of income. Once electricity came to the village, it  brought with it the possibility for expansion, thus the vision of Sano Banano came to life. It started as a small restaurant with nightly movies. Quite a boom in that time when cell phones and internet were not yet a thing. It was the entertainment of the whole area. The place to be.

It has evolved and changed, keeping up with the changes of time. Currently it is being run by Lenny and Patricia’s daughter Syska Iacono and her partner Andres Chavarria. They maintain the philosophy of being environmentally friendly, creating a fun working environment, loving nature, supporting art and serving delicious and healthy food.

It has been our pleasure since our opening and continues to be to this day to serve you natural, tasty, and hygienically prepared foods that contain no artificial flavorings or preservatives. We use high quality oils and the freshest and best ingredients possible. We bake our own fresh whole wheat bread, we serve our homemade frozen yogurt, we make our own coconut milk and locally source as many ingredients as we can.

We specialize in vegetarian dishes and also serve fresh local fish and hormone free chicken and are proud to also offer a number of vegan and gluten free options.

A new specialty has been added by Syska, as she makes her own artisan guilt-free chocolates, made with local rainforest honey.

We believe in creating a fun and fulfilling work environment where we are all an important part of the team. We delight in being of service, we enjoy preparing delicious food and we love to see our customers happy.